This spoof of Taare Zameen par is a must watch for all millennials struggling with understanding tax deduction

This video is for all those 'Ishan Awasthis' of the offices for whom the concepts of savings and investment declaration are a bouncer.

There are only a few geniuses in this world who understand terms like Income Tax, tax deductions, variable components of salary, HRA, reimbusements, Form 16, investment decalration forms, okay, already enough! And it is not at all funny because at the end of each month when that ‘chillar’ salary comes into our accounts, more than being happy, it leaves us perplexed. Thank god for the salary slips and tax slips, but even that doesn’t make our life easy because, obviously. Being Indian has come up with a funny video explaining how we all feel like ‘Ishan Awasthi’ of Taare Zameen Par when it comes to things like investment declarations and filing tax returns.

The video titled ‘Salary Zameen Par’ is a hilarious take on those employees who are ‘Ishan Awasthis’ of the offices and end up getting less salaries because the concepts of savings and investment declarations are a bouncer for them. Ishan Awasthi, brilliantly played by Darsheel Safary in Taare Zameen Par, is a dyslexic character who has a hard time coping with the normal education system and just needs a little help to get by.
In the Being Indian video, which has crossed 1 million views on Facebook, this one employee ends up feeling like Ishan Awasthi and its extremely funny how Taare Zameen Par‘s music starts playing in the  background everytime the HR manager, his colleagues or his friends try to advice (read help) him about savings but  start throwing terms like Mutual Funds, SIPs, LIC, KVC, Income Tax return, leaving him completely befuddled again.
Watch the video: