Lillete Dubey, Ira Dubey explore the complexities of their relationship in the web-series 'Mothers & Daughters'

'Mothers & Daughters' brings the first episode "Chhoti", the short web series based on a mother-daughter relationship featuring Lillete Dubey and Ira Dubey

A mother-daughter relationship is infinitely complex and yet painfully simple. A tribute to this amazing relationship, Blush comes out with their latest production “Chhoti.” Starring acclaimed actress Lillete Dubey, Ira Dubey and Sarah Hashmi, this short web series is named ‘Mothers & Daughters’, with their first edition “Chhoti”. “Chhoti”, which was released on Culture Machine‘s digital channel Blush on Friday, has already crossed half a lakh views. As two women swap their roles with each other, the resulting images are a projection and a mirror both.

This Mother’s Day, Blush and Chhoti Productions collaborated for the first instalment in the short film series which is set out to release a new short film edition every month for their series. In a first-ever attempt to encapsulate the intricate bond between a mother and her daughter, ‘Mothers & Daughters’ is off to a promising start. Here is a short film which is multi-layered and requires a patient audience as they figure out the role-reversal.

Written and Directed by Akanksha Seda, who had earlier gained acclaim for directing Blush’s #AbSamjhautaNahin featuring Amitabh Bachchan, this short film is an honest and tongue-in-cheek look at what it is to be mother and daughter in today’s world.

The real life mother-daughter duo is working together for the first time. Ira in a statement on Twitter said, “On a digital platform which has such an incredible viewership I’m very excited that for the first time, my mum and I will be playing mother daughter on Blush to kick-off what I think will be a lovely series that celebrates and deconstructs this unique bond.”

“Chhoti” looks at everyday situations which are very relatable and offer a glimpse into the interchangeable roles mothers and daughters begin to play in each other’s lives.

You can also catch the making of this series here: