This short film will remind you of Annabelle, and definitely spook you out

'I'm Home' is a short film by ShortKuts about a couple that moves into a new house but finds that some other energy is already there before them.

Do you believe in Vaastu or do you not take into account if your new house is ‘facing’ the right direction? This short film begins with a priest visiting the young couple who has moved into a house recently. He senses an odd vibe about the place and can be seen assuring the boy’s mother that he will take care of it though the routine rituals. The couple is not that interested and ends up rubbishing the whole idea. ‘I’m Home’ is a short film about a couple who has much to celebrate. Between their new home and finding out that they will be becoming parents soon, happiness is a given for Sameer and Pooja Roy. It is only when unusual things begin to happen in their new home that things begin to take an uncanny twist.

On a routine morning, Sameer is seen searching for his tie and running late for work. Pooja is idly playing with a doll and then she spooks her husband out. An agitated Sameer lashes out that he has no time for games but then calms down when Pooja looks dejected. Pooja requests him to come home early as there is still a lot of work to do in the new house. While she is home alone and taking a shower, odd things begin to happen that sure seem to be a sign of the ‘negative energy’ that the priest had earlier referred to.

Cut to Pooja waiting for Sameer to come back home from work, she is seen readying the dinner table when the power goes out and she hears the faint sounds of the doll chiming “I love you” in the distance. Annabelle much?


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She goes in to follow the sound because hey, we haven’t learnt anything from horror films so far and it always turns out to be good after you follow the source of that creepy sound. She goes in to find the doll magically sitting up, she is about to bend down to inspect how the doll reached where it did when her husband surprises her from behind.


Pooja is unsure about the whole incident and brushes it off. As the couple talks to each other about their future and their upcoming child, the doorbell interrupts them.

What happened next, cannot be explained.


Watch the short film here:


‘I’m Home’ has over 15,000 views in the 12 hours that it has surfaced and seems to b garnering, even more, appreciation from critics for its editing and script. Featuring Rajeshwar and Anusha Sampath, the film is a visit to the supernatural. Anusha Sampath is a Kannada actress, known for Daawat-e-Ishq (2014) and Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat (2015) who seems to the fulcrum of the entire short film. Directed by the short filmmaker Nina Srivastava, ‘I’m Home’ is a production of KARA Studios. Distributed by the YouTube channel ShortKuts which is known to shoot and produce many short films like Dekhne Mai Kya Harz Hai, Abnormal- A girl’s dilemma and The Blind Date.

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