This restaurant charges the rich and feeds the homeless every night. #Salute

This restaurant feed several homeless diners using the money they earn by selling breakfast and lunch to customers.

The second Robin Hood is mentioned we imagine a man who gave off all the money he stole from the rich over to the needy. Following in his footsteps is this restaurant in Madrid, Spain, only they do not really steal.

Robin Hood restaurant treats several homeless diners every night. Customers who pay for their lunch and breakfast at the restaurant foot the bill and at night the joint opens out to those who cannot afford to pay for their food. The restaurant is fast becoming Spain’s most sought-after lunch reservation and has acquired staff from luxury hotels.

Celebrity chefs have expressed huge interest in cooking for the restaurant once a week. The restaurant opened up in early December, and is run by an 80-year-old Catholic priest, Ángel García Rodriguez, whom everyone knows simply as “Padre Ángel.”

Father Angel says he wants all those who are homeless to be able to eat with the same dignity as the more privileged. He wants them to eat in the same friendly and comfortable environment as all of us.

Outside the eating joint, a sign board lists the house rules: Patrons are allowed to sing as they please, as long as it doesn’t disturb other customers. They can use the free wifi and borrow a cell phone if needed. They’re free to bring their own food and order only drinks, if they prefer. Or they can take over the kitchen for a birthday party or other special celebration.

The Robin Hood feeds more than 100 people each night, in two shifts. Spain’s economy has not had the greatest of days since recession hit it and unemployment still hovers at 20 percent.

In such times, people coming ahead to help the needy is a welcome move. Humanity thankfully is not yet dead.