This picture of dog wearing pants has settled the internet's oldest debate

This is how dogs wear pants. It's settled.

The age old debate of ‘How a dog would wear pants’ is well known to all of us. When the question first popped up on the internet in 2015, it sent everybody into a frenzy.

It became one of the most debated topics on the internet with everyone putting in their 2 cents of knowledge and trying to solve the question.

The question was solved, but since we never got any physical proof, it still lingered in our minds. But not anymore! A dog was recently photographed wearing pants and it has settled the debate. Forever.

Back in 2015 the question bamboozled everybody:

And then they settled it:

But they were WRONG.

2 years later, here is an actual image of a dog wearing pants that will change your life forever:


Twitter h8rs started popping up:

But h8rs gonna h8. We support the four legged theory completely.

Now if someone will solve this, I’ll be done for the year thanks.

Also, please let me know was that dress golden or blue.