Bride and her bridesmaids carried 'puppy bouquets' at this paw-tastic wedding. No, really

Can this trend please, please, PLEASE catch on?

It is highly probable that some or most of you are suffering from a very strong case of Monday Blues. This condition, often brought on by the possibility of back-to-back meetings, work that doesn’t inspire, and/ or a job that pays the bills but does nothing to fulfill your passion. What would you say if we told you we’ve found a cure to that?

A bride from North Carolina, Meghan Lara Addison and her groom Brett Butler had a beautiful ceremony and an even more fantastic wedding thanks to a few furry friends. Meghan and Brett who are really passionate about pet adoption, and have 2 cats and 2 dogs of their own, decided to raise awareness via their wedding for their local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), in Greater Charlotte. The idea was for each bridesmaid to pose with a puppy instead of the usual flowers. Turns out, puppies look much better at weddings than bouquets do.

Needless to say the photos, taken by wedding photographer Brittany Boland look pretty spectacular and for obvious reasons have gone viral. Writing on her website about the experience, Brittany says: “We only had a few minutes, but those few minutes with the puppies changed the whole course of the day. Everyone lit up, like most do when they see a puppy! There should be such a thing as puppy therapy because it really makes people’s souls light up!”

According to an update on the photographer’s official page all puppies – except one- have been adopted. How paw-tastic is that?

Please, please can this trend catch on in India as well?

Also guys, adopt don’t shop. Find your local SPCA or if you’re in Delhi NCR, you might want to check this out