This toddler's cute 'salon talk' with her mother will melt your heart [Video]

Baby Jayde's 'Salon Talk' video has gone viral with over 17 M views and counting.

All that small talk that is force upon while visiting a salon (because we don’t want to be rude) can be really annoying and mostly, makes you want to run away as soon as you finish. But a recent video of a cute little baby girl ‘salon talking’ with her mother while brushing her hair is so adorable that you would want to listen to it over and over again. With Mother’s Day almost here, this video might just be one of the sweetest, and most relatable things to watch over the internet right now.

The video which went viral with 17 M views and with over 396 k shares is a treat to ears, with Baby Jayde repeating after her mom is her super sweet voice. Her reactions are priceless, the way she gets surprised after listening that they might be going to the Seaworld to see animals is something which is beyond cute. The way this sweet baby keeps looking into the camera, while simultaneously brushing her mom’s hair is hilarious. All of 1 year and a few months old, Baby Jayde’s language skills are just amazing.
Watch the video here:

After this video, there were several Facebook users who requested the mother, Kerry Robinson to put up more such videos. So Baby Jayde has now become a social media star with her own YouTube Channel. Here are some of her videos:

Waiting at a barber’s shop with her mother, while her father is getting a hair-cut:

Look at her getting ready for Halloween, but oops, she hates those glasses: