This movie is a HEARING TEST in disguise. Absolutely mind-blowing!

This movie follows the life of a couple and has two extremely different outcomes- based solely on your hearing abilities. Watch now and take the test!

This has to be one of the most creative things we’ve seen in recent times. This short film follows a young couple, growing older together. What’s different about the movie?
The movie has two very different endings- depending entirely on your hearing abilities! It’s a hearing test in disguise.

For people with good hearing it would be clear at the end of the film that they are very much in love. For those that have difficulty hearing, the film’s audio techniques, choreographed performances and clever editing would make it appear that the couple’s relationship is deteriorating as the film goes on.

Lips are covered during some conversations, making them difficult to read. Ambient sounds mask loving discussions between the couple.

We decided to take the test and it looks like our ears work just fine. Don’t you wanna try it too?

Watch the trailer here:

This ingenious flick is created by Cochlear, an Australian company which specializes in hearing implants. The company wants to raise awareness for hearing loss and remind people that they have treatment options.

“When you take away the ability to lip read and background noise, it becomes very difficult for people with hearing loss to follow the conversation,” Emma Ramsay, Senior Audiologist at Cochlear, said in a statement.

They want to raise awareness about hearing disabilities as this topic usually goes undiscussed amongst people. People tend to ignore minor hearing problems that might become major issues in the future.

We’re impressed! You can watch the full thing HERE.