This model is responsible for some of the most WTF stock photos on the Internet

All of us use stock photos on the daily. From smiling children to angry policemen, there’s a stock photo for almost all the everyday situations you can think of. Though stock photos have a reputation for being boring and mundane, there’s one guy who is changing it all. We don’t know his name or anything about this guy really, but there’s one thing we’re sure of- he’s responsible for some of the most WTF photos on the internet.

Seriously, all the weird things you’ve seen the web were just the beginning, this guy is the real deal. Forget about creating stock photos for things like shopping, smiling and watching TV, this guy wants to create stock photography for everything that a normal person would never Google. Don’t believe us? Check this out-

….Here he is, legit just coming out of an egg.

And now he’s a caterpillar made entirely out of shaving cream. Yes.

Also, there’s an entire series of him dressed as an adult baby:

A grown man covered in noodles. This is the content I signed up for.

Smoke ham everyday?

Thank you, mystery man, for blessing us with a picture of you farting flames.

Miscellaneous pictures that are best enjoyed without any explanation:


Move over Gigi and Bella, we have a new favorite model. Dear mystery man, we wish you luck in all your future endeavors and may you create many, many more photos like these. Once again, thank you.