This little Pomeranian has become an internet sensation overnight, here's why

Pomeranian dogs are great but one a thing you should know about them is that they melt in water. Don't believe us? Read more to find out

Is it a doggo, or a cloud or maybe a marshmallow, it’s rather difficult to tell. Pomeranians, those cuddly fur-balls apparently melt when they meet water. Did you know? Because we certainly didn’t. Recently, a Twitter user named Freddy (@FreddyAmazin) posted few pictures of a furry brown Pomeranian melting in melting, and that got that tweeple talking. The doggo and his cute button eyes are so adorable that’s too much cuteness to deal with.

Dogs of Instagram are a rave these days. People love watching cute doodles dressed as cosplay, or posing with celebrities. some of the most famous dogs on Instagram include Marutaro, a Shiba, with 2.6 m followers, Marnie the dog, with 2.1m followers, and Tuna, the Chiweenie, with 1.9M followers.

In no time, the pictures of the furry pal have gotten so much love that they have been retweeted almost 25k times and have 53k likes.

The thread is full of lovely comments with people melting away with the little cloud:

One Twitter user was kind enough to tell the world this doggo’s name:

And we looked her up. She is Cece the dog who is also an Instagram star with 35.3k followers. Here are some of her photos only to brighten up your day:

Doggo, I am gonna find you and cuddle you!

Can’t get enough of her? Follow her on Instagram: cece.pomeranian