This island with a lot of cuddly rescue puppies is a dog lover's paradise - Photos

Do you love beach and dogs? Then, Potcake, a dog rescue shelter in an island, is the place to go! Check out the amazing pictures

While you are still busy spending your days dreaming of cuddling fluffy pups and taking them on walks by the shore, this woman named Jane Parker-Rauw was busy making your dream come true. Potcake Place, a dog rescue shelter on the surreal island of Providenciales, in Turks and Caicos Islands, is a dog lover’s paradise.

Potcake Place was started back in 1997 to help rescue the local dogs and them socialize with humans before they are adopted. Allegedly, the rescue charity now helps more than 500 dogs a year to find their forever mommy and daddy.

During an interview with Buzzfeed, Jane talks about her idea of Potcake place and the benefits of “social walks” for dogs who were initially new to human interaction. The place is a perfect spot to have fun with the furry pal. The volunteers are provided bottles of water, bowl, toys, poop bags and yummy treats for the four-legged friend.

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It is ensured that the dogs wear a harness and leash during the walks, and the must remain in shade to prevent paw burn.

Jane emphasizes on an important point that this isn’t an Instagram beach photography spot with cute dogs rather something for the development of dogs.

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