This is one battle we lose to Pakistan, hands down ! *sobs silently*

Yes, this article is just an excuse for you to look at beautiful men and drool. You're welcome.

Yes, inner beauty.
Yes, what on the inside is important. SO important.

But you can’t ignore a list that’s called ‘World’s Sexiest List’, can you?
The ‘World’s sexiest people list’ curated by a destination dating site has recently caught our attention. Why> Because Indian men are not even on the list! Their list of the world’s sexiest people has Pakistani men standing proudly at number three, while Indians are no where on this list.

Miss Travel, a site which curates members according to how generous and good looking they are (yes, extremely pretentious. We agree), has give top marks to Armenian women and Irish men.

The sexiest nationalities for women:
10. Lebanese
9. Bulgarian
8. Filipina
7. Brazilian
6. Australian
5. English
4. Colombian
3. American
2. Barbadian/Bajan
1. Armenian

The sexiest nationalities for men:
10. Spanish
9. Danish
8. Nigerian
7. Italian
6. Scottish
5. English
4. American
3. Pakistani
2. Australian
1. Irish

Even though we love Indian men, we can’t completely disagree on this. Remember the Pakistani chaiwala that broke the internet?


And then there’s these pretty faces:




Their chiseled jaw-lines and piercing light-eyes helped them earn the third spot and it is well deserved. Okay, maybe Pakistani men are a tad bit sexier, but not having Indians on the list is a little unfair. (Hello, Hritik is still the hottest thing on the face of the planet.)

Take a bow, Pakistan. You may have won this battle but you’ve got some tough competition:





We could go on with the list but the drool on the keyboard is getting a little irritating now. As far as our desi dudes are concerned, don’t worry boys- we’ll get em next year!