Watch: This hilarious video about the 'life-changing' festival of Navratri will have you ROFLing

Do not miss this extremely funny video about how life turns upside-down for Indians, especially youngsters, for these nine days.

The festival of Navratri is on and the dedication with which the Indian Hindus celebrate this festival, which comes twice a year, is commendable. Apart from the elaborate morning and evening puja rituals, there are other things which need to be kept in mind during this nine-day festival. The Timeliners has posted a hilarious video, ‘Indians during Navratri’, on its YouTube channel and Facebook page and it would definitely leave in spilts.

Apart from all the rituals, Navratri comes with strict guidelines of follwing certain eating habits. The video is hilarious in a way that it makes fun of people (and not the festival). The video actually shows how difficult it becomes for the younger generation to follow these rituals and refrain from their favourite foods but they do not give up. At one point in the video, the guy ends up eating more instead, during his fast and even goes on to justify eating a packet of potato chips because after all, ‘aloo is aloo’. Also, he is totally confused and mistaking this Navratri with the other one whih comes just before Dussehra and succeeds in irritating his roommate with garbha practice and Durga puja questions.
The video which was posted day before yesterday has managed to gather over 2.5 million views on YouTube and 959 k on Facebook, with around 18 k shares. Do watch the video here: