This guy’s cover of ‘Closer’ is giving us feelings we can't describe

'Pull that shit right out the corner' -Nasir Khan Jan, 2017

Move over Taher shah, Pakistan has a new chocolate boy in town and his name is Nasir Khan Jan.

Closer was one of the biggest songs of 2016 and we’ve seen thousands of covers happen- but none were as savage as this. Nasir Khan Jan, a vlogger from Pakistan, recently “sang” his own rendition of ‘Closer’ and we’re at a loss of words to describe it (and we’re literally paid to write).

Not just Closer, he has a bunch of other ‘covers’ that are equally disturbing. Apart from him regular musical trysts, he has also made nightmare-causing videos on topics like ‘How to eat a Banana’ and ‘Eating fruitcakes in the park’ that are shared on a page called Zahreeli chummi (don’t ask).

Check out the Closer video that has garnered more than 1 million views on Facebook:

Check out his other trauma-causing videos. Probably NSFW.

He recently got jailed because of his absurd videos:

He did a live session where he goes on to describe why and how he was arrested and thank people for their support. He was bailed out by the page that constantly shares his videos.

We don’t know about you, but we think this guy is a harmless entertainer and throwing him in jail was a bit extreme. Yes, he did murder all the songs he covered, but we don’t thing that’s illegal.

You do your thing Nasir, you’ve got 126k people supporting you!