This guy smoked pot on the stage of a musical reality show and got selected

Don't bogart that joint, homie.

Ever thought hitting a bong could help you be on TV? Neither did we (unless it’s a VICE video and you’re some kind of drug lord).

This video of a guy ripping a bong in front of the judges of The Voice and getting selected is doing the rounds on the internet.

The guy takes a massive toke (let’s give him some credit there) and the judges turn around in an awe and start applauding. The audience then goes into a frenzy and starts clapping at the guy’s blazin’ talent.

Check out the video here:

Now before you go duuuuuude and pick up your lighter, let us tell you, the video is photoshopped. Yes, if you’re especially dim-witted (no judgments) you’ve probably failed to realize that the video is fake. It is. Although we would lowkey love it if a guy goes through the show (and wins) for ripping bongs, it isn’t real.

The glow in the video makes it pretty clear that it’s not authentic. Also the part where the guy smokes weed on stage? Yeah that’s a pretty big give away. But it’s good for the giggles anyway, specially if you’re stoned. Watching the video is a minute well spent.

And c’mon, that was a pretty long bong rip, we’d slap the button too!