Shocking: This guy is fighting to defend the common man's rights & he's currently in jail

Partha is fighting for the common man's rights and is currently in jail for three days!

A video has been going viral recently for all the right reasons. Meet Partha P Boruah- a common man who took a stand against injustice and broadcasted it live for everyone to watch.

There have been various instances where we’ve seen how the authorities misbehave with the common man and take them for a ride. Partha was in a similar situation when his bike was stopped by the Police and he was frisked and asked for the driving license and registered papers of his bike.

He had all the relevant documents and gladly complied to their orders, but had one basic question in his mind- how can a policeman in a Khaki uniform undertake a traffic police officer’s job? They were lower level constables who do not have the right to stop and interrogate citizens.

As a dutiful citizen of the country, he put this question in front of them and to his shock- they confiscated his bike keys!

He immediately went live on Facebook to show the world what was happening and to his surprise, he got an overwhelming response.

Watch the entire ordeal below:

He then posted another video to clarify what happened:

He then wrote:

Later on he informed his viewers that the police was trying to hunt him down!

Here’s the shocking part- Partha is currently in jail for 3 days!

Just for asking an innocent question and standing up against the authorities, he has been locked up in jail.

Partha was arrested by the Assam Police on 15th of FEB, under the charge of IPC 294 obscene act in public place and IPC 353 assault or criminal force to deter public servant from doing his duty, just for asking a question.

All we’re left asking is that the common man not even allowed to speak up about his basic rights?

Whatever is happening to human rights?