This famous Instagram cat 'lives like a dog' and her photos work like a Patronus

Even cats are breaking the mould they have put themselves in and are catching up with the dogs. Read on to find out about the adventures of this cat

Just as there are stereotypes about humans, there are stereotypes about animals too. Cats are lazy. Cats don’t socialize. Cats aren’t loyal. Cats don’t care about you, they only want to be pampered. Cats are nothing like dogs.  Wrong. At least this cat is proving all the stereotypes about a cat are not all correct.

Meet Bogdan Daniel Stefanescu’s cat Stinka who is not your regular nonchalant cat. She climbs trees, chases things, plays fetch, roams around with her owner and ‘behaves exactly like a dog’ according to some. She has only been with her owner for 3 weeks and she is already leash-trained. She doesn’t mind a good scrub and will even accompany her owner in the shower. She is an adventurous cat and loves to try out new things like dancing with the waves on the beach or climbing roofs and trees.

She has been going out on a leash ever since she was just a month old. Perhaps she began to like it at that point of time until she would nudge her owner to take her out on more and more long walks. A cat who loves long walks as opposed to the lazy picture that all felines paint for us? Strange, right?

Stinka got her name because she was found in a shelter and she was stinking pretty bad at that time. Contrary to her name, this cat is probably the coolest pet to have around.

Stinka is surely winning hearts on the internet with her adorable antics.

  1. This cat loves chasing things. She is sure a fetcher, a definitive dog trait

2. She loves doing adventurous things like climbing trees

3. Takes long walks when she needs them

4. And she is a daredevil when it comes to crossing a street

5. Stinka also loves a snow fight when she can get one

6. Or just a casual fight on the sidewalk will also do for her

7. She likes climbing trees

8. And she has met President Obama too

9. She takes the subway

10. She loves the sea and the waves and the beach, all of it

11. She will take an occasional dip in the bathtub with her owner too

12. She takes a cruise once in a while and blends right in on the deck

13.. And yes she is quite adorable too

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Stinka has 1165 followers on Instagram and you can follow her adventures here: @stinkanyc

Story Source: The Dodo

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