This Desi 'Salt Bae' parody will have you in splits! Watch now.

Why settle for Salt Bae when you've got your own haldi-sprinkling 'Curry Bae'? Instagram sensation Just Sul takes 'Salt Bae' to a spicy new level and we're LOVING IT. Watch the video here:

We Indians always take it to the next level. Just when you thought ‘Salt Bae’ is as crazy as it gets, Just Sul proves you wrong.

While we’ve got the internet swooning over Turkish chef ‘Salt Bae’, Instagram sensation Just Sul has taken things to a whole new level. For the unfortunate ones who don’t know about him, he’s a middle aged Indian mechanical engineer with a love for mainstream hip-hop and has been creating a buzz on Instagram with his hilarious videos.
From Soulja boy memes to frolicking around in Gucci bling, he has done everything you and me dream of.

His pizzazz has helped him gain a followership of 926k on Instagram. You’ve probably seen him in memes every now and then, but once you discover his Instagram feed, there is no going back.
It is absolutely lit!

Playing up on the viral social media trend ‘Salt Bae’, he released a hilarious video parodying the gorgeous Turkish chef and we’ve got one word: SPICY!
The video was posted on 16th January and has already garnered 2.3 million hits on Facebook. People are absolutely loving desi Salt Bae and he just might beat the original one’s popularity!
Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Just Sul as ‘Curry Bae’:

That haldi sprinkle though:

If you dive deep into the depths of Just Sul’s Instagram account, trust us, you’ll hit gold. We’re already addicted to his eccentric persona and we’re pretty sure you’ll love this savage desi dude as much as we do!

Sweg level: Bugatti playa

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Why settle for ‘Salt Bae’ when you’ve got your own ‘Curry Bae’? Keep it spicy!