This Chinese cop breastfeeding an under-trial's 4-month-old hungry infant is winning the internet

There's no love like mother's love.

Amidst all the sad and negative news, here is an act of kindness that might brighten up your mood. The photos of a Chinese cop named Hao Lina breastfeeding a 4-month-old baby of an under-trial prisoner is melting everyone’s hearts on the internet. The mother of the infant was attending a trial when her baby started wailing in the courtroom. Lina, who is a new mother herself, volunteered to breastfeed the under-trial’s baby while she was appearing in court. The suspect gave permission to Lina to feed her baby. Hao then went to a quiet corner to feed the baby. The kind-hearted officer breastfed the four-month-old baby as her mother stood in a trial in northern China’s Shanxi Province. The pictures posted on the court’s website have become the talk of the town.

In a report to the Daily Mail, Hao said:

I am a new mother, I could feel how anxious the child’s mother would have been. All I thought about was to try my best and comfort the tiny baby. I believe every police officer would do the same. If I had been the mother, I would have hoped someone to help my baby too.

According to the same report, the baby’s mother, Ms Li was so touched by Ms Hao’s gesture that she couldn’t help but cry as she was leaving the court.

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The baby’s gender has not been revealed yet. The heartwarming moment was captured by one of Lina’s colleagues, the pictures of which were posted on the court’s official website and now have gone viral on social media websites and several Chinese publications.

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