Watch: This brilliant Japanese commercial will reaffirm your faith in humanity

Japanese are known for their intelligence and brilliant creativity, recently AIG Japan has released an ad which proves that they are just fantastic!

AIG Insurance (Japan) released their new advertisement recently and posted it on YouTube and Facebook and it can, undoubtedly, be called one of the best ads ever made. For the video, which has gathered over 8 lakh views on YouTube and 7.5 million views on Facebook, the AIG Japan collaborated with All Blacks National Rugby team of New Zealand. The ad titled #TackleTheRisk will definitely reaffirm your belief in humanity.

The 3-minute commercial shows the players of the rugby team getting off the metro in Tokyo and set off to save lives of the people, who are about to meet an accident. Their tackles and saves are worth watching. One by one they literally jump on the people and push them to floor. The look on people’s face is that of shock and puzzlement. In all, these rugby players tackle 9 people and in the next half of the commercial, the audience see how they saved these 9 simple, unassuming people from imminent accidents.
The advertisement, made by AIG (American International Group) Insurance, is obviously for the promotion of  their brand but it is also really good to see a few human beings saving the lives of other human beings, who are completely stranger to them. AIG Japan’s Facebook post with the video has received over 87 k reactions, 148 k shares and 4 k comments, mostly praising the commercial.
Japanese are popular for their fantastic manga-anime characters and known for their amazing creativity. Their advertisements are quirky in their style and very much unlike the usual stuff.
Watch the brilliant commercial here: