This Arab father's response to his daughter removing her hijab will warm your heart

Laymaa's father's response to her removing hijab is something everyone, who has doubts about Islam, needs to read.

Internet does give us the freedom to express ourselves but it becomes a dangerous space when people start harassing and bullying others for their beliefs, opinions, race, religion and creed. Something like that happened with Laymaa, when she was bullied on social media by a person and told that her father would ‘beat her up’ if she would remove her hijab.

Laymaa decided to take on her harasser and posted a screenshot of her chats with her dad in response to this bully’s post and her dad’s response has gone viral on the internet. After the guy told Laymaa that her father would beat her on removing hijab, she immediately messaged her father tellling him that she wants to take off her hijab. The reply that she got from her father was what set the internet talking.
Laymaa’s dad told her ‘Swwetheart that’s not my decision to make. That’s no man’s decision to make. If it’s what you want to do, go ahead. I’ll support you no matter what.’ After Laymaa posted the screenshot, she got a lot of support and people just cannot stop praising her father.
It may not be a new thing for Laymaa to be targetted for her religion, which is the most painful thing but Lymaa’s father’s response is commendable. This virtual space of internet is seeing a spike in cases of social media harrasment. Lymaa did not decide to take it lying down in this case and her father’s response acted as a slap in the face of people who use this space to abuse others on the basis of their religion, region or race. Apparently, Laymaa’s father lives in Saudi Arabia, which is deeply conservative about women’s rights.
Here’s Laymaa’s tweet after which she went viral:

Laymaa’s father was applauded on Twitter: