Watch: This beautiful advert talking about the 'joy of eating together' will make your day

A 2-minute advert can be innovative, beautiful, and still carry a strong message with it. Here's one such advertisement which will make your day

It is a usual sight today in public transport, homes and offices and every place you could think of, that people are buried in their phones and are completely oblivious to their surroundings. At home, we have stopped eating together and engaging in conversation with our family because we are too busy with that new Whatsapp video or happen to be completely immersed in that new series. A Canadian company has taken up this initiative #EatTogether and made an advert that is urging Canadians to eat together but this is, actually, applicable all over the world.

The advert starts with a lady who enters her society building after returning from work. She takes the lift with other residents, who do not even greet each other and are busy with their phones. When she enters her flat, she finds her roommate busy on a laptop. The sight extremely upsets her and she decides to do something about it .  She and her friend arrange up table ans chairs outside her flat – in the passage – and wait for their neighbours to join. Slowly, all the neighbours come out and bring their food. This brilliant ad showcases how food can be a best way to reconnect with people around you.
The 2.30 minutes-long advertisement has been posted on YouTube and has received over 1 M views, and over  5 M views on facebook with around 130k shares. It was also played out during Grammy Awards this year and got everyone teary-eyed and emotional. Watch it here :

Yes. ‘All we need is love, sweet love’.