This 7 year old NAILS Taylor swift impression on TV show

This little girl impersonating Taylor Swift is the cutest thing on the internet today! Watch and be amazed by her spot on performance.

Move over, Taylor Swift. We’ve found a mini Tay Tay and she’s here to stay!

This little girl is going viral for all the right reasons. Her Taylor Swift impersonation video has gone berserk and has garnered over 1.3 million views online. People are going gaga after watching her perform. Yes, she’s adorable. But she’s also savage. Pretty savage.

Her name is Xiamara Sophia Vigor, also known as ‘Xia’.
She is a Filipino-British (Born in Exeter, United Kingdom) actress and TV host in the Philippines and she appeared on a Philippine TV show titled “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids” which is a show where little kids come and imitate their idols. From Lady gaga impersonations to Adam Levine doppelgangers, the show has seen some amazing performances, but little Xia’s performance stood out because her impersonation was bang on. Xia had her game face on and right from Taylor’s patented ‘Hair flip’ to her kinda blinged out costumes, Xia was absolutely ON POINT.

This is not Xia Vigor’s first flight to fame. She has earlier won a ‘Mini Me’ talent contest where she impersonated Selena Gomez. After slaying as Selena, she’s taking over as her (ex) bestie Taylor’s doppelganger.
All we’re waiting to see is who this little diva will impersonate next!

Check out the super cute performance right here:

All we want for Christmas is to be blessed with this amount of sass:


Overwhelmed with the cuteness, Perez Hilton couldn’t stop himself from tweeting:

Let’s just say Xia is Taylor-made for success.
*mic drop*