Trending: These quirky posters by Bengaluru Traffic Police are winning the internet today

Twitter has become a fan of the Bengaluru Traffic Police's social media department's creative skills and so have we!

Technology is a funny thing. Sometimes it makes your life easy, sometimes difficult, and sometimes it is just there to entertain and make you laugh. Bengaluru Traffic Police’s creative team has been consistently churning out some amazing posters on road safety to attract people’s attention and to remind them of the rules that they must follow while on the road. Bengaluru City Police is sharing these posters on their Twitter handle and not just the Bengaluru janta but everyone has become a fan of these quirky, tongue-in-cheek posters.

Most of the posters are funny and drive home the point that people need to be careful while driving. They are funny in a way that people still need to be told that they shouldn’t drink and drive, that they must wear helmets, they must drive in lanes, and they must keep calm and not use foul language on the road. LOL. Reminds us of those signages /announcements in the Delhi metro which ask people to vacate seats for physically-challenged, senior citizens and ladies.
Coming back, the team which has designed the posters, definitely has some amazing people as some of the posters are have rhyming lines and the sketches are just brilliant and you would surely crack up seeing these posters.