These kids masterfully performing salsa, bachata will bring out the dancer in you [Watch Video]

Salsa may be one of the hardest dances to master. But for these kindergarten students at Mr Sorto's Class, it is a cakewalk.

Salsa is one of the hardest dances to master. The dance form, that is often said to be the very sensual, might look appealing but the footwork is no easy feat. Salsa has to do with ample movement of one’s lower body as compared to the torso coupled with swaying the arms and shoulders. Most people find it extremely arduous to be able to get their hips moving, that is, if they can get the other things right. But, these kids at Mr Sorto’s Class have done the unthinkable.

Based in Washington, United States, Mr Sorto’s Class is a viral sensation. The dance classes are led by Edwin Sorto, a salsa dancer who is determined to pass on his love of the art to children. And, it seems that he’s doing exceedingly well at his job ’cause these children are downright brilliant!

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But their talents are not just limited to Salsa. These children have also mastered several other dance forms like the Bachata and Merengue. Check out their spectacular dance videos below:

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But they have yet a long way to go. Look at them trying to do the pirouette, a challenging ballet dance move.

Sorto, who is a Latino through and through, also likes to teach his students more than just dancing. Apparently, he also takes language classes in Spanish. “They’re only 5 but reading with confidence,” Sorto wrote in the caption of a video where the students are speaking Spanish.

Say what you must, these kindergartners sure are talented!

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