These kids found a way to get their mom a kidney transplant, video goes viral

Bailey and Tobias posted a video to Facebook looking for a kidney donor for their mom, Diana Zippay. Now, months later, she has a new kidney.

Two kids from Monongahela, Pennsylvania found a rather successful way of finding their ailing mother help. Using Facebook, the kids – Bailey and Tobias – have managed to secure a kidney transplant for their mom, Diana Zippay.

Diana suffers from a genetic condition called Alport syndrome which causes progressive loss of kidney function and was admitted to Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, USA. While Diana needed a good 20 hours a week of dialysis, no one in her family was a good candidate to be a donor. Her husband Jason, who is diabetic, was also not suitable to become a donor.

And so the children decided to turn to social media to reach out a probable donor for their mother. Bailey who is just eight years old came up with the idea to shoot a video and post it on Facebook.  She and her brother Tobias, 4, asked the internet to help them find a living donor to save their mother. The plea is made by the two while the song “Thank You,” by the much-acclaimed singer Dido plays in the background.

Jason went on record to admit that he was surprised to see his little daughter take the initiative.

My daughter immediately said, ‘We have to make this video. We have to make this video, mom. We need it, you have to get a kidney.’ And I said, ‘OK, let’s see what we come up with.’

Diana received her new kidney thanks to the video of the children through a paired exchange by the National Kidney Foundation. The unknown altruistic donor in Philadelphia matches her type A blood. Diana found out on July 25 and took to Facebook to announce her happiness. Her son Tobias was with her when she got the news that a match had been found. And when Bailey got the news, both kids were jumping up and down the hospital floor, ecstatic that they could contribute to their mother’s health.

The family took to Facebook to thank their followers on social media.