These hilarious illustrations perfectly depict Indian traveling woes we all go through

"No" -Every auto wala ever.

Our country is a traveler’s paradise, isn’t it? There’s so much to see, so many places to be! But here’s the catch- your commute is going to be one hell of a task! Why? Because auto drivers have mood swings that could put babies to shame, cab drivers show up after the end of the world and the only people that can survive traveling in local trains are pro athletes. Google maps? Don’t even try. Just don’t.

The relatable illustrations about traveling woes in India will make you ROFL (and kinda feel bad about your daily traveling woes).

Cab? More like cab-hi nahi. Namaste.


-Every auto wala ever.


Unless you consciously want to sabotage your trip, stay away.


Flight tickets are cheaper than train tickets. Because why not?


Your Uber has arrived ( 398 kms away from your destination though)


This is real life, not DDLJ. Trains aren’t easy. Deal with it.


Bus karo.


LOL goodluck sir.


Nama-stay away from all modes of commute. Stay home and sleep instead.