Valentine's Day 2017: These adorable Koalas are taking Valentine's day to the next level of cuteness

We've got some Valentine's day goals for you.

CUTENESS ALERT: An Australian zoo recently posted an adorable video of two Koalas just in time for Valentine’s Day. The two cuties, Harry and James, are stealing the internet’s heart this Valentine’s day.

Got the ‘Valentine’s Day’ blues? You’ll see a bunch of lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day posts today, and let’s be honest, most of them are just going to be over the top and irritating. Not these adorable little fellas.

The Koalas are seen handing out roses and cuddly hugs to their caretakers and the internet just can’t handle the cuteness because nothing truly defines Valentine’s Day as two cute Koalas cuddling with their human. The Koalas are seen climbing on the caretaker and hugging her together, and the caretaker looks like the happiest person on the planet.

Yeah, you and your date look cute but would you ever manage to look Harry and James cozying up to their caretaker cute? Nope.

Watch the Koalas being their adorable selves right here:

This video was posted by the Symbio wildlife park, Australia and within a few hours, the video has garnered thousands of views with everyone going crazy for these kawaii Koalas and we can’t blame them. Being dubbed as the ‘most adorable Valentine’s day video ever’, this video has won the internet for today thanks to the adorable twosome. They’ve managed to curate the cutest video you’ll see today.

After watching the video, all you’ll want to do on Valentine’s Day is hug these Koalas. All of ’em.

Valentine’s day goals: Harry and James.