The tale of these two goofy strangers on Tinder is a better love story than Twilight

This hilarious three-year-old Tinder conversation of Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas turns into one of the greatest (and oddest) love stories of our times

Other than Bollywood movies, have you experienced the kind of love where the whole kaiyanaat conspires you to be together?  Before you brush off my question as nonsensical, meet Josh Avsec (22) and Michelle Arendas (21) who happen to have the whole internet shipping them. That includes Tinder too. Yas! the duo is winning the internet for their cute conversational which is all sorts of weird, TBH.

Both Josh and Michelle,  have never met despite hailing from Ohio Kent State University and swiped right to each on Tinder other back in 2014. The suspense was getting so out of hand now that even Tinder decided to budge in ask these two folks to go out!

So it all started when Michelle took almost two months to respond to Josh’s simple ‘Hey’ on Tinder. Usually, in such cases, people would come off as uninterested folks and conversation would end in a dud but these two nailed in that department. Soon after, this turned into an epic game where they would go even 10 months without talking and always reply with a lame excuse.

The internet broke in splits reading their conversation and the post went viral with more than 44k likes and 12k retweets. People are going crazy over these two and asking them to pair up:

Can it get better? Of course, it can! The post went massively viral that even Tinder decided to poke in its nose and ask these two folks to meet up. With an incentive attached.

Fast forward to this…

Hala Maui for these two!