The Roll Safe meme is going crazy viral and we'll tell you why

Read the story behind the meme and binge scroll through some hilarious memes because why not.

The internet is a crazy place and you never know what might go viral next. After SaltBae and Cash me ousside, we have the third meme trend of 2017- Kayode!
Even though the meme format doesn’t have a name, he has become the hottest meme these days. Recently in Tamil Nadu, O Panneerselvam resigned from the post of CM, and our beloved meme makers have been hilariously engaged in coming up with Kayode memes on this issue too.

Here’s a little backdrop: The photo is of a brilliant actor called Kayode Ewumi. He is a 25-year-old actor, singer, dancer and comedian. He’s popularly called ‘Roll Safe’ (and hence most ‘memers’ call it roll safe memes). He stars in a hilarious comic documentary called ‘Hood Documentary’. The documentary shows the life of an aspiring rapper (MC Roll Safe) as he guides viewers through a small area in South London AKA “The hood”.

Indian users are enjoying kayode’s reaction face and using it to meme-ify every single thing possible.

The picture has been taken from the Internet itself when The Wall of Comedy shared the video clip from one of the episodes of the show Roll Safe went viral with over 180,000 views.

You can check this video out here:

These desi roll safe memes will get you Rolling Safely On The Floor Laughing:

Memes from around the world (because you know, memes)