The Kid From The Famous 90s 'Jalebi' Ad Has Moved On To Biryani, And We're Here For It

Are you a 90s kid? You're going to love this ad then.

Remember the little kid from the 90s Dhara oil ad? Well, he is all grown up and now loves biryani as much as he once raved about jalebi.

Uber Eats India has recently recreated the 90s ad with the same feel good factor that once had us humming the Dhara jingle with enthusiasm. Parzaan Dastur, the adorable young kid is now a handsome young man and he’s just as charming as he used to be. The old 90s ad had Ramu Kaka, a runaway child and a plate of piping hot jalebis. In this new Uber Eats ad, the same kid (in a similar yellow T-shirt) makes an appearance. The now adult Parzaan is this time in conversation with his housing society’s security guard and his flat mates instead of his parents.

The online food delivery platform took to its Instagram account and posted the ad with caption — “Just like Parzaan Dastur, our favourite Jalebi boy from the 90s”, when it comes to good food each one of us is still a kid.”

Watch the ad below:

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The ad was shared last week and since then it has garnered more than 1.2 lakh views and lots of comments. Check out some here:

Feeling nostalgic? Here’s the original jaleeeebiiiii… ad: