The internet loves this young boy's 'hand pillow' for sleeping mom

You thought chivalry is dead? Wait until you see this boy taking care of his tired mother while she is sleeps

Looking for something to cheer you up? Well then, watch this young gentleman taking care of his sleeping mommy on the subway in Chengdu, China will surely win your heart. Clicked by a fellow passenger, the picture is going viral for it is not every day that we experience such little acts compassion and sheer love. The netizens all around the globe are going gaga over the little guy’s effort to take care of his tired mom and even lauding his parents for raising him right.

In the photograph that went viral on Chinese microblogging website Weibo and was later shared by China Global TV Network, the little boy is leaning against the handrail and cushioning his mother with one hand while she is fast asleep. Not only that, the fellow is also keeping guard of mommy’s purses while looking after her. Reportedly, he was sitting beside his mom but gave up his seat to a woman with the baby. Could he BE more adorable?

This photo is making waves in the Chinese and global media. It has received an overwhelming response on CGTN Facebook page by amassing more than 209k views and 11k shares. Facebook users are ushering immense love on this little chivalrous fellow. Here what some of them have to say:

“If u train a child well that child will always make u proud b4 the whole world..Sometimes a parents behaviour will always reflect on their children.”

“The fact that this post is viewed as something so surprising is extremely depressing…Taking care of your parents isn’t an achievement.. but a responsibility… People should learn from this little boy.”

“Kids have a strong imitation ability. I’m sure his father treats his mother well so that the boy has such a loving heart”

Check out the photo here:

And we thought chivalry is dead, y’all!

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