The forever kind of love: This elderly couple's photoshoot is truly breathtaking - Photos

Love couple photoshoots? Wait until you see the photos of this elderly couple from Russia, which will reinstate your faith in love

Couple photoshoots are all the rage these days. Picturesque setting and themes matched with perfect ‘angles’ leave you with a lifetime memories with your beloved, to be cherished forever. From pre wedding shoots, to baby shower photos or just anniversaries, couple photoshoots are adorable. Can you imagine how delightful would an elderly couple photoshoot will be? No? Then please take a look at this elderly couple who will give you major goals.

In times of Tinder dating and volatile relationships, this couple will remind you of Allie and Noah from The Notebook. Captured by Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova, this beautiful photoshoot is a proof that true love can transcend through the test of time. Captured by the seaside, the couple looks ethereal in their matching white and brown combination of outfits.

Ever since the photographer posted these pictures on Facebook, they are breaking the internet. People are ushering their love for this beautiful couple and wishing to retain the same kind with their sweethearts.

Check out the pictures:

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