Today's must-read list: 10 brilliant Twitter reactions to 'Mihir' meeting 'Tulsi'

Twitter users relived the memories of Ekta Kapoor's never-ending Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi when Mihir and Tulsi met once again

Yesterday, Twitter went berserk after Ronit Roy posted his picture on the microblogging site with the Union Textile Minister, Smriti Irani with the caption, ‘What are the chances??!!! So lovely to meet Smriti Irani on a flight’. Every 90s kid ought to remember, Ekta Kapoor’s popular and forever-running show, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. The show which kickstarted Smriti Irani’s career and cemented her popularity among the TV-viewing masses. Smriti and Ronit played the famous  Tulsi and Mihir Virani . Some on Twitter expressed their nostalgia, others had a major fan moment. But most of the jantaa however could not stop LOLing. Some of the reactions were absolutely hilarious.


Here is a list of 10 best twitter reactions that Ronit Bose Roy’s tweet received:

  1.  A fan or not? We are still wondering…

2. No doubt about this one. @SunnyShines is an absolute fan.

3. Here’s a Smriti Irani or a Tulsi fan, not as much a fan of ‘Ronit Sir’. Sorry Ronit Roy.

4.  Wow! So much nostalgia…

5.  Such a huge fan of Ronit Roy, this one. Lol.


6. Here’s some general knowledge guys, in case you did not know what these two are up to these days.

7. Some of the fans want to see these two in the movie together and some on television. Wow, but how?


9. Some also mistook Ronit for actor, Akshay Kumar, for his physique. Wait, really?


10.  Some even remember the background music when Mihir and Tulsi used to meet in the show. Woah! what dedication.