Tanmay Bhat's apology to Sachin Tendulkar for the Snapchat fiasco is pretty emotional

Aila, apology!

Nobody can forget the infamous Tanmay Bhat-Snapchat controversy that went down last year. Tanmay Bhat made a series of snaps laced with some pretty dark humor with Lata Mangaeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar as the protagonists.

What followed was incessant trolling and severe backlash from the public, Bollywood celebs and political parties! Twitter was flooded with people reacting to the video, saying it was absolutely disrespectful. The video became a topic for debate on Arnab Goswami’s show where Tanmay’s peers tried to defend the video, calling it ‘dark humor’. The whole debacle blew up to a point where Maharashtra Navnirman Sena threatened to beat Tanmay Bhatt up in full public view.

All this happened, yet not a single comment was made by either Sachin or Tanmay Bhatt. Lata Mangeshkar said she does not want to see the video and has no idea about it, but the other two remained silent on the matter.

Tanmay Bhat finally broke his silence yesterday on Tendulkar’s 44th birthday. Tanmay took to social media to post an apology that is winning hearts on the internet. He wrote about how important an idol Sachin has always been to him and that he feels sad that the only thing Sachin will ever know him for is that silly silly joke!

Check out the original snaps he made last year:

Read the heart felt message here:

Dear Sachin, happy birthday 🙂

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Sounds like a pretty sincere apology, right? What do you think?