Taher Shah's 'Angel' just won an award in US and we're having a hard time believing it

Taher Shah's management tweeted that his music video for song 'Angel' has won an award in the US.

Looks like Taher Shah is off to a good start in 2017. The man released a music video message Humanity Love on New Year’s eve where he tortured us with one senseless piece of shayari after another.

A few days since the release of the video message, Taher’s management tweeted about an upcoming ‘phenomenal announcement’ which ‘will announce’ on 21 January:

Soon after the tweet was sent out, twitterati couldn’t contain their excitement for the angelic and phenomenal news.

Earlier this evening, Taher Shah’s management announced that his music video for ‘Angel’ has won an award for in USA.

Yes, we are as shocked as you are. Given how phenomenal and iconic (ahem!) was the music video for ‘Angel’, we’re having a hard time believing that Taher actually won an award for it.

The details of the award are yet to be announced. As you might have figured out, Taher stands no chance of winning prestigious awards (Read: The Grammys).

But why would any award show would honor Taher Shah for a video which is not only rough on the eyes but also scars the viewer mentally and emotionally and ruins them for life.

Is Taher Shah following in the footsteps of Rishi Kapoor and buying awards for himself? Or did he really win an award for his horrifying and nightmarish music video? Only time will tell.

Watch this space for more updates.