Watch as Sunny Leone dances to Laila in Raees, fans shower screen with money!

Fans went crazy when Sunny came on screen and started showering the screen with money. To all this, Sunny had the cutest reactions. Watch below:

It’s official ladies and gentlemen, Sunny Leone has taken the show home and how!

In a theatre in Kurnool, fans are absolutely LOVING Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Leone’s song ‘Laila Main Laila’ from Raees.
In a short video, we can see people dancing to the song and throwing money on both the stars.
While Shah Rukh is used to such extravagant love and gestures from his fans, it is a new experience for Sunny.

Earlier, the actress was flabbergasted when she saw the kind of crazy love SRK receives when she was on the train with team Raees, from Mumbai to Delhi. This time, she is on the receiving end of the adulation.

The actor re-tweeted the video posted by an SRK fan and expressed her joy over it. She couldn’t believe that people were showering her performance with money.
Sunny was ecstatic as she tweeted:

She also tweeted that she has never seen this any where in the world!

She re-tweeted all the videos she could find:

Check out fans go crazy when Laila came to the screen:

Remember that song ‘Laila tujhe luut legi’ ? Doesn’t it seem like a prophecy coming true!?

Get used to the love Sunny because you’ve got some crazy fans now!