Suffering from the blues? Let this photoshoot of 6 'Disney princesses' cheer you up

Weekday blues? These tiny versions of Disney princesses captured by photographer Karen Marie, will brighten your day in no time. See photos

While growing up Disney princesses were a big part of our childhood and we still love to cherish those wonderful memories of watching Cinderella, Snow White, Bella from Beauty and the Beast, or Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Photographer Karen Marie couldn’t get enough of Disney princesses so, she decided to do a mini Disney photo shoot by turning six infants into beautiful princesses.

Karen, who has been doing maternity and infant photographer for over 11 years, shared these pictures on her official photography page Belly Beautiful Portraits on Facebook. The tiny princesses are dressed up as Cinderella, Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Aurora from ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Jasmine from ‘Alladin’ and Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Karen talks about the importance of Disney princesses in her life. During an interview with HuffPost, she says, “The amazing tales of love and heroism have always been an inspiration to me, and now I see it inspiring my girls.”

Marie left no stone unturned to perfect every detail of the photo shoot. The adorable little gowns were especially sewn by Sew Trendy Accessories and every setting was perfectly staged by her to create a magical aura around the tiny princesses.

And the result is adorable princesses who are breaking the internet. Take a look:


Belle From “Beauty and the Beast”

Snow White

Aurora From “Sleeping Beauty”

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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