Strangers stood up for LGBTQ rights at a restaurant in a viral social experiment [Watch]

The video, shot as a part of a social media experiment, has gone viral with more than 4.1 million views.

What do you usually do when you see a trangender or a gay or a lesbian or a bisexual? Most of the people still look at them with disgust, and for some weird reason think that they are not one of us. Now imagine if you are having a meal in a restaurant and a group of transgender come to have a meal too? Would you have any problem? Perceptions are changing, thanks to the bigger dialogue that is going on about the rights of the LGBTQI community to live a life of dignity and respect. And, it is only touching to see more and more people coming out and showing their support for their cause. A Bangladeshi telecom products company conducted a social experiment on similar lines to check how people react to such a situation and the result was purely heartwarming.

A video posted by a Bangladeshi telecom products company has got over 4.1 million views and has crossed 44 k shares, all for right reasons, rather beautiful reason. The video shot in a restaurant of Bangladesh as part of a social experiment shows two transgender walking in to break their fast after Ramadan when one of the waiters at the restaurant (an actor) and later, one of the customers (another actor) asks them to leave as they see them as ‘problematic’. What happens next will make you heart melt as people /customers who are completely unaware of the entire experiment get up one by one and start speaking up.

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As the video progresses and the situation is about to go out of hand, the actors point to the camera and inform people about the social experiment. It is only wonderful to see these people actually getting angry for someone who is a complete stranger to them and standing up for their rights.

The video which is in Bangla has English subtitles. Watch it here :


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