Sri Lanka's tourism ad is an ass-travanganzant affair. Quite literally.

An ass-essment of the ass-tonishing Sri Lankan tourism ad (yes, we've run out of puns).

‘Bring your bum to Sri Lanka’, says the official Sri Lanka tourism ad. The visuals that come with it? A montage of bums running away from the camera. Beach bums, cycling bums, scuba diving bums, his bum, her bum- all kinda bums.

No one would disagree to how beautiful a country Sri Lanka is, but this bum-fueled video has left us with so many questions. Seriously, this video has more crack than a drug dealer (Yes, pun intended).

Why not focus on the clear blue water, the scenic beaches and the serene beauty? Why an assortment of bums, Sri Lanka? We get the whole ‘Bring your bum to Sri Lanka’ angle, but the video is a cringe-fest and barely says anything about what Sri Lanka is. Unless you say Sri Lanka is all about bums.

Turns out this bum extravaganza is all part of the #bringmybumtosrilanka campaign on Instagram. A contest in which people send in pictures of their bums and err, may the best bum win. The entries are exactly what you’d expect- an assortment of bums. If you’re having a difficult time imagining (let’s just say that’s what is happening), here’s some help from our side:

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Check out the bum-boozling campaign video right here:

Okay, you can close your mouth now. Calm down. Now imagine a video like this in India. Centered around bums. Bums wrapped in sarees, bums wrapped in dhotis and lungis. And ah, bums defecating on the roadside.

“Lao apna bum pichwada Hindustan mein”

Wouldn’t be a pretty sight, would it?
Nope. Nope. Nope. Let’s just stick to conventional, aesthetic ads for now.

What do you think?