Sorabh Pant on fairness creams: 'Indians racist towards themselves' [Watch]

Comedian Sorabh Pant takes on fairness creams in India with his stand up act, 'Fairness Creams are Racist'. Check it out here

Comedian Sorabh Pant is current on his ‘Rant tour’ in various part of India and the UK where he does mostly social satires and takes on the absurdities of society. From auto rickshaw strikes, pollution, Donald Trump to Air India, Sorabh’s stand-up never fails to tickle your funny bones while giving new perspectives on prevalent issues. In his latest gig, he took on fairness creams, explaining how the ever-growing fascination with fairness creams is pretty darn racist.

As he opens his gig in front of a full house audience, Sorabh cuts to the chase when he says “Fairness creams are the most racist sh*t in India” and his fans bursts into a loud cheer. The video was posted by Sorabh on his official Facebook page on June 13, and has garnered great reactions and response from the viewers (almost 83k).

Sorabh Pant’s social commentary never fails to miss the mark, which is why he is considered one of the best stand-up comics in the country who brings freshly brewed content with a bulk of intelligence for the audiences to gorge on. His delivery and intentional pauses are enough to leave you in splits. Let us delve into this video of ‘Rant of the Pant’ and give you 5 reasons why this show is a huge hit:

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He makes his sh*t clear right from the start:


And reveals the truth about ‘Fairness Creams’:


He takes on Bollywood for endorsing these shallow products: 

He points out the BS surrounding these adverts:

And lastly, he slays it with this conclusion:

Amazing, isn’t it? Watch the full video here:

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