Sophie Turner shows her true Stark colours; takes on Trump on Twitter

Trump got roasted by Sophie Turner in her hilarious tweet. What else you expect from the oldest Stark daughter?

If the world was a sitcom, it’d be called Everybody hates Trump. You know your life ain’t right when Sansa Stark doesn’t like you!
Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark got the perfect opportunity to burn Trump and make her views clear about him. She saw a tweet of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania last week and did the most hilarious thing possible.

The tweet – which basically asked people to name a better duo than Trump and Melania – received many responses, including some people stating that the Obamas are a better duo. Sophie’s response came the next day, and showed a photo of a fork, and a photo of an electrical socket for nominating a duo better than the Trumps duo.

Now if you don’t know what that implies, don’t google it. The authorities might get alerted.

The original tweet:

Sophie has even said many things about her disapproval of Trump. In August, before he was elected as the 45th POTUS, she stated that if she had real superpowers she’d build a wall.
“Donald Trump would be out of the country, and we’d create a wall around him so he couldn’t escape,” she said. “There are so many negative things that are happening, I would kind of restart the whole world and build a new one, Noah’s Ark-style.”

And when she got a chance to go for an attack, this is how Sansa Stark showed her move to the American prez:

Back in May 2016, she brought up Trump in a discussion where she was asked to take over someone’s mind for a day, she said “I’d control him to go on a plane and get out of America and go somewhere very far away, where no one will ever find him.”

After Turner’s tweet there were other tweeters too enjoyed the hilarious burn and supported the Lady of Winterfell.

Turner did not tweet again until over a week later but finally she concluded with this tweet that how she sees all Trumpish things:

Your move, Trump.