Were Brad Pitt, Rohan Joshi not in the same room for the Netflix interview? We reveal

All India Bakchod's Rohan Joshi interviewed Hollywood actor Brad Pitt who was here in India to promote his Netflix film War Machine.

Brad Pitt was recently in India for the premiere of his Netflix original film War Machine. Following his meeting with Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan during his stay in Mumbai, the Hollywood star did an interview with All India Bakchod comedian Rohan Joshi. Opening the interview by introducing Pitt as an upcoming new talent, Joshi totally aced the goofy interview, however, the believability of their rendezvous has become a subject of debate.

“I am here to talk to an upcoming new talent. A sort of talent powerhouse. In his brief, but bright career he has played a Nazi-hunter, a very sexy vampire, an assassin and a man who ages in reverse,” said Joshi before the frame would cut to Brad Pitt who would express his pleasure of being in Mumbai. The absurdity of the interview climbs as the frame cuts from Joshi to Pitt and back without ever showing the two men together in a frame.

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Brad Pitt, Netflix, War Machine

Brad Pitt in the Netflix film War Machine.

The glitchy appearance hasn’t skipped the public eye as many alleged fabrications on Netflix’s end. Apparently, it looks like both Joshi and Pitt were filmed sitting in different rooms and the footage was then stitched together to make it seem as if the meeting was in person. “I don’t think they are in the same room. There is no shot of both of them together. Just some hand gestures which can easily be faked,” wrote one Facebook user. “A suggestion for the future. Show people skyping with each other for god’s sake. The faking bit is just outright lying to your viewers and that’s not a good zone to be in,” said another.

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Netflix has outright rubbished these allegations and has asserted that the two were in fact present in the same room together. “We can confirm that the General and Rohan were in the same room. It was a meeting of epic proportions. Great conspiracy theory though, sounds like you’d enjoy War Machine,” Netflix stated.

While speaking to InUth, All India Bakchod’s Rohan Joshi too stated that he was in the same room with Brad Pitt when the interview was filmed.

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Watch the full interview here.

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