'Slave like you': Indian bahus will find this 'Shape of You' spoof way too relatable

"I'm singing like, bahu it's to go on the stove. Your roti was made for somebody like me."

Ever since English singer Ed Sheeran dropped his hit single Shape of You in January, it has been on everyone’s minds. Across countries and races, people have been playing it, dancing to it, singing it. It is the one song to bring them all and in the peppiness, bind them.

Now, a Pakistani version of this catchy tune has gone viral and rightfully so. Most people, at least ones in the Indian subcontinent, would find it totally relatable. The song which goes “Always wanted a slave like you. You push, I pull like a magnet do,” is about the tense relationship between a mother-in-law and her morose daughter-in-law.

Aptly representing the woes of a saas-bahu relationship, ‘Slave Like You’, the song starts with a typical aunty hunting for a rishta at a wedding. But fret not ’cause you can always “come over and start up a conversation with ammi, and trust me I’ll give a rishta.

But it’s not until the song goes “I’m singing like, bahu it’s to go on the stove. Your roti was made for somebody like me,” that it starts to really tug at your heart strings.

The video has already gotten over 55k views. Here is the full video shared on the Facebook page of Soul Sisters Pakistan: