Photos: This French artist's bizarre attempt to hatch chicken eggs has gone viral

See in pictures: After living inside a rock and a bear sculpture, French artist Abraham Poincheval's yet another weird art performance

In what can be called as one of the most bizarre art performances, a 44-year-old French artist, Abraham Poincheval, has decided to hatch chicken eggs with the help of his body heat. This performance, called ‘Egg’, is taking place in Palais de Tokyo, a museum in France. It would be a month-long performance for which Abraham would have to continuously sit on a chair, which has a container attached below it, holding 12 eggs. He would only be given a half-an-hour break during the day. The experts are sure that Abraham’s performance would end up harming the still unborn chicks and are worried he might end up killing them.

According to his biography and work displayed outside the museum, the 44-year-old artist claims that being a male, he’s trying to raise ‘the question of metamorphosis and gender’, as reported by a leading magazine.

In February this year, Abraham has tried to survive inside a limestone boulder for a week. For this, he cut out each half of the rock in his shape and sat inside it for a week, surviving on bare minimum supplies of soup, water and dried meat.

Abraham Poincheval has, earlier, survived inside a hollowed-out sculpture of a bear for two weeks. According to the Guardian’s report “Poincheval is certainly no stranger to bizarre and hair-raising performances. He ate worms and beetles while living inside the bear, was buried under a rock for eight days and navigated France’s Rhone river inside a giant plastic corked bottle. ” We are wondering what would be his next ‘art performance’ be?