Photos: Straight men hold hands to protest homophobic attack. If this doesn't make you happy, nothing will

Following a brutal attack on a homosexual couple in Netherlands, straight men all over the world made a beautiful gesture in support of LGBTQI rights

After the Netherlands witnessed a homophobic attack recently, straight men all over the world and especially, in Netherlands including the politicians, the Dutch police, and commoners, have come out in support the LGBTQI community. And, to protest the attack, they are walking hand-in-hand on the streets challenging the diseased mindset of those who view homosexuals as criminals. Words wouldn’t do justice to this beautiful gesture, and we strongly believe ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, so here you go:


Let language not be a barrier, so find the translations below the tweets:

‘Last weekend were two men who were mistreated hand in hand. Stop violence. Long live love!’


‘It’s time for Pink Army. Netherlands generous country. Together with mr. Ramnun office.’

‘Policemen to Ministers, everyone goes hand in hand’

‘We strongly support this action. The humanists stand for open society’

And, as they say, save the best for the last: