Second teaser of Baywatch is out & Priyanka Chopra fans are furious! Find out why

Where's Priyanka? Oh there she, no wait. Nevermind.

While Priyanka Chopra is gearing up for her Hollywood debut with Baywatch, her fans are disappointed with the promos.

When the first trailer of Baywatch came out, Priyanka Chopra fans were extremely disappointed. In the entire two-minute promo, she appeared for 2 seconds wasn’t seen again. Talk about blink and you miss it!
The second promo came out and her fans were happy with the screen-time she received. The second promo introduced Priyanka as Victoria Leeds, the sole nemesis in the film. In this theatrical promo, Priyanka made heads turn with her sexy and badass avatar.

The makers have now released a third promo and Priyanka is barely there! In the new promo, we have Zac tearing off his shorts to unleash an American flag-themed bathing suit, when Dwayne asks him, “What are you wearing?” Efron quickly answers, “Freedom.” Sharing the same sequence on his Instagram account, The Rock wrote, “You don’t get to say that, you’re just tan!”

Check out new Super Bowl teaser of Baywatch:

Priyanka put the promo on her Instagram:

Barring that same shot of hers which was there in the first promo itself, Priyanka isn’t in the promo at all and we’re quite sure Priyanka fans won’t be happy with this promo. We wanna see more of the diva in the promos! Don’t you?