Sad about liquor shops ban on highways? Amul's solution may make you gag

Amul Managing Director RS Sodhi has suggested that the 16,000 highway liquor shops and bars which were banned should transform into milk bars.

The highway liquor ban which has been imposed in India could be seen as a sad thing among a certain section. Although the ban has been placed to reduce the number of instances of drunk driving, the after-effects are worse than they seem.

No, we are not talking about depressed alcoholics getting pissed about the ban. The liquor shops (which were a-plenty!) also provide jobs to millions of people who are employed there. Moreover, there is a huge loss in the revenue because let’s face it, alcohol sells just as much as sex.

Anyway, fret not! We have an unlikely hero to the rescue (if you can count it as one). Amul. On April 3, RS Sodhi, the Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (Amul), tweeted, “We invite all these 16000 liquor shops/ bars to open @Amul milk bar for gainful employment and healthy nation building. RS Sodhi.” Boy! Had it been just 2 days earlier, we would have assumed it to be a lame April Fools’ prank.

Let’s put one thing out there, people who are reckless enough to drink and drive were probably always the ones whose mothers would have to chase them around with a glass of milk. Sodhi’s tweet has gathered an immense response.

Superb! Next time at cyber hub we’ll hv Amul drinks and surely it will add to inbound tourism. Hindustan mein nagino.n ki kami nahi hai,” tweeted one user while another wrote, “You are obviously a Phantom comics fan, Mr Sodhi. “The Ghost who Walks to the barman: ‘A glass of milk, please.’.

Sodhi’s statement became such a hot topic that Amul even made a comic strip out of it, just like it does with every damn thing.

While Sodhi’s statement has gone down well with most people, some others have praised it thinking that it is an innovative idea. What do you think of this move by Amul?