Valentine's Day 2017: Reasons why your dog should be your Valentine today

Take your four-legged buddy out today because nobody loves you like your dog does.

14th Feb is here and you’re probably planning a candlelight dinner with your valentine. If not, we’ve got a way better plan for you.

February is the month dedicated to love, feelings, emotions et al — but what about your four-legged buddies? They’re the ones who love you the most and were there for you when you got dumped. Repeatedly.

If you need some reasons to love your favorite doggo on Valentine’s day, look no further. We’ve got you a date and it’s the best you’ll ever get.

Here are some major reasons why your dog should be your valentine:


We don’t know about your Valentine and we’re not judging, but your dog is the most loyal creature to set foot on the planet.


They’ll do anything to impress you

No seriously. Dogs take your love pretty damn seriously and will go to amazing lengths just to see you smile. Is your Valentine going to fetch you the morning newspaper? We think not.


Don’t need to buy ’em expensive gifts.

Diamonds? Nah. A belly scratch is enough.


They love long walks.

Take your date for a long walk on the beach and they’re probably gonna be complaining about how tired they are. Not your dog. Not today..


They are always excited to see you!

Let’s not even question this.


Best date night partners

They won’t ruin movie date night by telling you who dies in the end. You know, ’cause they can’t talk.


Puppy sympathy

They’ll console you if you’re feeling particularly lonely today.


They’re adorable AF. Period.


Don’t forget about your best friend today. Don’t piss your pupper off.

Don’t leave your best bud hanging.


At least let ’em third wheel

If your date turns out to be boring, you’ll have an entertaining little pupper by your side.

Happy Valentine’s day!