Reasons why 2017 is already a complete disaster

Is it 2018 yet?

2016 sucked. On 31st December everyone decided 2017 will be a do-over year and it’ll be waayy better than 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an optimist, but here’s news: 2017 is already pretty disappointing.

We’re barely two months into 2017 and things aren’t look good for us. Apart from the saddening world events around us, the internet has seen a serious downfall in content quality too. And there’s a ton load of other things that have got us down.

Check out our comprehensive list of disappointments for 2017:

Walls and immigrants

The world, especially the states, has already seen a bunch of protests and city-shut-downs because of Trump. While the world was already struggling, the orange grinch is just adding to our miseries.

Expectations Vs Reality

2017 expectations:


2017 reality:


Boot Crocs

These eye sores have been invented in 2017. Why? WHY.


Cash what now?

We all wanted the Cash me outside meme to be dead within a month, but not even close. The girl now has her own clothing line and is selling counterfeit hoodies for outrageous prices. And guess what? They’re getting sold out like hotcakes. Well done, world.

Youtube India’s trending list

Videos like these are getting millions of views and are trending in 2017. Yep.


This is a thing now. Why? What? Don’t ask.

Democracy? Nope.

Caps on wedding expenses are being introduced and we’re just sitting here questioning are we even in a democracy anymore?

Thank God for the Deadpool duck. We have something nice to look forward to.

2018 isn’t that far, is it?